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Prospectus ofJoint Programs between Swansea University and Beijing Union University for Year 2018

Prospectus ofJoint Programs between Swansea University and Beijing Union University for Year 2018


About Swansea University

Swansea University, built in 1920, at the order of George V, then King of the United Kingdom, was one of the 29 earliest universities. Now it has more than 18,000 students including international students from more than 120 countries and regions around the world. The university take students need as its first priority. Students can enjoy complete and individualized service on campus. The university also offers rich varieties of social activities and experience off campus. 


Swansea University ranks high among the prestigious universities worldwide in both teaching quality and research strength. The layout of all its courses put students future development as first priority, thanks to which, its graduates employabilityranks 15 among all universities in the UK and it is on top of the list of all higher learning institutions in employability in Wales. In the Ranking of comprehensive universities of the UK in 2018 released by Times, it ranks 36 across Britain!


Prince Charles attended the opening ceremony of Bay Campus of Swansea University on July 5, 2016; Prime Minister Teresa May visited Swansea University on Mar. 21, 2017 and helped the university and the Welsh region introduced an investment of 1.3 billion pounds; Hillary Clinton visited Swansea University and was conferred upon an honorable PHD in law.



Admission Requirements of the Joint Programs

  • 2+2 Bachelor double degree program

  • 4+1 Master Program 


  1. I.                    2+2 Bachelor Double Degree Program


  1. Choice of Majors:

Candidates need to choose majors similar to the one they study in BUU in their undergraduate program, and they will get both bachelor degrees after graduation.

  1.  Who can Apply?

All sophomores of BUU students are eligible to apply.

3.  Admission Requirements:

  • An average score of 75 or above in undergraduate transcript;

  • IELTS:  An overall score of 6.0 or above, and score for each section shall be no less than 5.5

  • 4+1 Master Program


  1. Choice of Majors

Students are eligible to select whatever majors they are interested in and they will earn a master degree after one year’s study in a corresponding master program.

  1. Eligible Candidates

Senior students or graduates with a BA or BS diploma

  1. Admission Requirements:

An overall IELTS score of no less than 6.0 for candidates majoring in business, computer and Chinese-English translation, a score of no less than 5.5 for each section of IELTS;

An overall IELTS score of no less than 6.5 for candidates majoring in other fields, a score of no less than 5.5 for each section of the test( some majors like TESOL, psychology, law require that candidates’ score for each section is no less than 6.0);

Notes: Those not yet eligible in IETLS may first sign up for the language course offered by Swansea University or sit for an internal test administered by the University in China.


  1. III.                Tuition and Fees

  2. Ø   


Notes: Students may apply for a scholarship of around 1000 to 3000 pounds.

School(   Majors)



School   of Humanity

(English, Translation, Communication,   International Relations; English Education, and etc.)


13700-14500 pounds

School   of Management

(Management,   Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Economics)

14550 pounds

17000 pounds

School   of Law

(Law,   International Maritime Law, International Business Law, Trade Law,   Intellectual Property, Business Practice, and etc.)

12950 pounds

14250 pounds

 (School of Engineering)

(Civil Engineering,   Material Science, Machinery ,Chemistry, Aerospace, Telecommunication, Electrical   and Electronics Technology, Nanotechnology, etc.)

17450 pounds

17950 pounds

School   of Science

(Computer, Mathematics, Geography, Bioscience, and   etc. )

14500 -15450   pounds

15500-16400 pounds

School   of Human Health

(Psychology, Education, Nursing, Health Science, and   etc.)

14200 pounds

14200-14350 pounds

Medical   School

(Genetics、Biochemistry、Medical Science,   Health Information, and etc.)

16500 pounds

14250-17550 pounds


  • Living Costs:

The price of commodities in Swansea is comparatively low. Generally speaking, day-to-day expenses in accommodation, entertainment and food are lower than other regions in the UK.

Accommodation: 80 to 120 pounds per week ( specific prices may vary according to actual living conditions)

Living costs (including food, accommodation and commuting fares): around 5500 to 6000 pounds per year

Total Costs( after deducting scholarship): around RMB 170000 to 200000 Per Year

  1. IV.                Application Materials:

  2. 1)       Application form ( which can be obtained by contacting the representative office of Swansea University in Beijing);

  3. 2)       Transcript (in both English and Chinese)

  4. 3)       Education documents( studying certificate or degree or diploma (in both English and Chinese);

  5. 4)       Personal Statement( in English)

  6. 5)       Letter of Recommendation( for 2+2 program, one letter is Okay; for 4+1 program, two letters are required)( in English)

  7. 6)       IELTS transcript ( which may be submitted after one has got it)

  8. 7)       A copy of information page of one’s passport( If not yet available, candidates may turn it in after they have got it)


Application Deadline: Starting from now on until April 20, 2018. The earlier one’s application is submitted, the earlier one will get his/her offer.


Project inquiry:  Ms Zhang:

Tel: 010-88854110; 13810602331(Wechat Account Number:13810602331)
QQ: 2280763188 



Attachment: Hot Majors offered at Swansea University

College of Arts and Humanities

BA Media and Communication

Postgraduate Programs:

MA Digital Media

MA International Journalism

MA Communication, Media Practice and PR



Undergraduate Programs:

BA English-Chinese Translation and Interpreting

BA English Languages and TESOL

BA Language and Communication

BA English Languages Studies

BA English Literature

Postgraduate Progams:

MA Translation and Interpreting

MA Professional Translation

MATESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

MA Chinese-English Translation and Language Teaching

MA Creative Writing

MA English Literature


School of Management


Undergraduate Programs:

BSc Accounting

BSc Accounting and Finance

BSc Finance

BSc Marketing

BSc Business Management

BSc Business Management (Finance)

BSc Business Management (Marketing)

BSc Business Management (E-Business)

BSc Business Management (Entrepreneurship)

BSc Business Management (Business Analytics)

BSc Business Management (Management Consulting)

BSc Business Management (Human Resources Management)

BSc Business Management (Operations and Supply Chain Management)

Postgraduate Programs

MSc Finance

MSc Investment Management

MSc International Banking and Finance

MSc Strategic Marketing

MSc Strategic Accounting

Ø Candidates whose majors are not business may also apply for the following programs:

MSc Accounting and Finance

MSc Financial Management

MSc Finance and Business Analytics

MSc Management

MSc Management(Finance)

MSc Management(HRM)

MSc Management(Marketing)

MSc Management(E-Business)

MSc Management (Entrepreneurship)

MSc Management(Business Analytics )

MSc Management(International Management)

MSc Management(International Standard)

MSc Management(International Management Consulting )

MSc Management(Operationsand Supply Chain Management)



Undergraduate programs:

BSc Economics

BSc Economics and Business

BSc Economics and Finance

Postgraduate programs:

MSc Economics

MSc Economics and Finance


College of Law

Undergraduate Programs:


LLB Business Law

LLB Law (Crime & Criminal Justice)

Postgraduate Programs:

LLM International Maritime Law

LLM International Commercial Law

LLM International Trade Law

LLM InternationalCommercial and Maritime Law

LLM Intellectual Property &Commercial Practice

LLM Oil and Gas Law

LLM Human Rights


College of Engineering

Undergraduate Programs:

BEng Civil Engineering

BEng Chemical Engineering

BEng Aerospace Engineering

BEng Mechanical Engineering

BEng Environmental Engineering

BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering

BEng Materials Science and Engineering

BEng Medical Engineering

Postgraduate Programs:

MSc Civil Engineering

MSc Chemical Engineering

MSc Aerospace Engineering

MSc Materials Engineering

MSc Mechanical Engineering

MSc Communications Engineering

MSc Electronic and Electrical Engineering

MSc Power Engineering and Sustainable Energy

MSc Nanoscience to Nanotechnology

MSc Engineering Leadership and Management

MSc Computational Modelling and Finite Elements in Engineering Mechanics

MRes Environmental Management


College of Science

Computer Science

Undergraduate Programs:

BSc Computer Science

BSc Software Engineering

Postgraduate Programs:

MSc Computer Science

MSc Advanced Computer Science

MSc Advanced Software Technology

MSc Data Science

MSc High Performance and Scientific Computing

MScMathematics and Computing for Finance



Undergraduate Programs:

BA Geography

BSc Geography

BA Human Geography

BSc Physical Geography

BSc Physical Earth Science

BSc Geography and Geo-Informatics

Postgraduate Programs:

MSc Environmental Dynamics and Climate Change

MSc Geographic Information and Climate Change

MSc by Research in Media Geographies

MSc by Research in Urban Studies

MSc by Research in Earth Observation

MSc by Research in Environmental Dynamics

MSc by Research in Glaciology

MSc by Research in Global Environmental Modelling