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Hantec Group Scholarship Award Ceremony

Hantec Group Scholarship Award Ceremony


On the afternoon of October 31, 2017,Hentec Group Scholarship Awarding Ceremony was held in the Auditorium of No. 2 Teaching Building. Dr. Xu Li’an, General Manager of Hentec Group, Professor Rao Meijiao, former vice president of Lingnan University, professor Zhang Baoxiu, dean of College of Applied Arts and Science, Beijing Union University, Ms. Sun Jing, deputy director of Students’ Affairs Office, Ms. Dong Yuan, director of the College Administrative Office attended the Award Ceremony.


First, director Dong Yuan of the College Administrative Office introduced leaders and guests from both parties. Then, deputy director Sun Jing elaborated the selection process for Hantech Group Scholarship. Dean Zhang Baoxiu announced winners of the scholarship for the school year of 2016 to 2017. Dr. Yu Li’an and Professor Rao Meijiao presented honorary certificates to the students. Miss Sun Mingyao, representative of the award winners gave a speech, in which she expressed heartfelt thanks for the HantechGroup, meanwhile she also expressed her determination to study even harder. Dr. Xu Li’ancongratulated students on their marvelous academic achievements. Finally, Dean Zhang Baoxiu delivered a speech, in which she expressed the hope that students could transform this honorary scholarship into a great impetus for further progress.


After the award ceremony ended, Professor Rao Meijiao gave a speech on the Education Status Quo of Hong Kong Education. Professor believed education is of great significance of a nation’s development. Students got a glimpse of education system in Hong Kong through his wonderful lecture. (Source: Students’ Affairs Office)