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Undergraduate Students Participate in Various Summer Programs Abroad

The start of the new semester has witnessed the return of 24 undergraduate students of different majors from the U.K. and the U.S.A. They said they really cherish their experience during their stay in a totally different country.

Out of the 24 students, 7 of them were members of the Summer Language Training Camp hosted by the Anglia Ruskin University at Cambridge. The three-week program not only intensified their English language, but also allowed them chances to be exposed to the British culture as well as the favorable atmosphere of the London Olympic Games. They said the visits to Cambridge University and Oxford University are most “impressive”.

Another group of 14 students have gone to the far other side of the Pacific Ocean, the United States. Attending the Work and Travel program, they said they have got far more than they have given. The independent way of life, the broadening of the horizon and the friendship are most treasured.

Another program by the name of “Social Research America” in Los Angeles is also a favorite for BUU students. This summer three students attended the program and spent their most meaningful three weeks with their “home-stay” families. The language immersion and the face-to-face communication with a different culture will undoubtedly exert far-reaching influence on the students’ future plan of learning and career.

“You travel for the experience more than the scenery”. This is what one of the students wrote in his journal. For these students, this summer’s experience is truly unrivaled.